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Disha by FlutterWave Shutdown Again

Disha by FlutterWave Shutdown Again

Disha is a no-code platform that offers tools for content creators, artists, writers, influencers, and designers to manage their online presence. The platform was founded in 2019, but in February 2021, it announced its decision to cease operations by December of the same year. According to the founders, they ran out of resources to continue driving their vision for the platform. Even though co-founder and CMO Blessing Abeng exited the company, Disha did not shut down as planned.

Instead, in October 2021, Flutterwave, a leading African fintech company, acquired Disha in an undisclosed deal. The acquisition was seen as an opportunity for Flutterwave to capture a new market of indie creators who need innovative tools to showcase their craft and get paid. Flutterwave’s CEO, Olugbenga Agboola, said that the acquisition cements their place as a growth partner for freelancers and businesses.

Under Flutterwave’s ownership, Disha’s payment infrastructure was bolstered, enabling transactions in over 150 currencies across 34 countries. The new payment feature will support creators who will, in turn, become key players in the global creator economy. With this acquisition, Flutterwave now has a foothold in the lucrative $100 billion creator economy.

However, Disha is now going through another change. Last week, the company announced that it would undergo a temporary shutdown effective March 31, 2024. The company’s statement cited a need to reassess its goals and realign its mission to serve the creative community better. While they emphasize the closure’s temporary nature, no specific reopening date has been announced. Until the March 31 closure, users have the opportunity to migrate their files and data to alternative platforms. Additionally, existing subscription fees will be refunded.

This marks the second occasion that Disha has sought to halt its operations. While the move seems sudden, a look at Disha’s pages across Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn shows reduced engagement over the past two years. Disha helped creatives create one-page websites, and the Flutterwave acquisition added a payment option for the platform. The platform has grown its users 5x since its acquisition, but it’s likely that this growth isn’t matching Flutterwave’s vision for the platform.

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